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MyneStart Inexperienced Underground Mineworker Program

About MyneStart Inexperienced Underground Mineworker Program

MyneStart Inexperienced Worker Program is a highly interactive training program, focusing primarily on the job training activities to demonstrate and reinforce learning. The main benefit recognised from the Inexperienced Worker Program is the clearly identifiable pathways for introducing inexperienced personnel into the underground mining industry. When compared to the traditional introduction methods

To support the delivery of this program MyneSight has established unique purpose-built underground training facilities in Mackay and Wollongong. Referred to as the MyneStart Underground Training Facility, these facilities were unique due to their physical structure and the diverse range and depth of offsite training that they provided.

  • The program is highly interactive within an underground simulated environment, with limited classroom-style delivery
  • Focusing primarily on on-the-job tasks, to demonstrate and reinforce learning.
  • Safety robust; the trainees have a clear understanding of mining hazards, risks and associated controls before entering a true underground mine.
  • Focused & safe training in a controlled replica underground environment develops an in-depth level of understanding of the unique hazards & control processes.

A diverse range of topics are delivered within the program, including:

  • Standard 11 Surface and Underground (QLD) or Generic Underground Induction (GUI) (NSW)
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Management (SLAM’s, Take 5, JSA’s)
  • Common Workplace Hazards (Compressed Air, Fluid Power, Conveyors, Confined Spaces, Lubricants/Chemical Handling, Manual Handling)
  • Surface Mine Operations (Cap lamps, Muster Area Procedures, Mine Manager’s Rules)
  • Strata Management (Props, Cogs, Bolters)
  • Ventilation Management (Temporary Stoppings, Face Ventilation)
  • Conveyor Systems (Install, Extend, Retract)
  • Safe Working at Heights
  • Underground Lifting and Slinging
  • Mine Services (Install, Recover)
  • Unaided Escape (Level 3 Emergency Exercises)
  • Self-Rescuer/CABA
  • Underground Emergency Response

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